Shore Based Maintenance Agreements Download Sample SBM Agreement

NavCom provides competitive SBM agreements with the following related services:

- Supply Consumables

Almost all Batteries, Hydrostatic Releases, EPIRB’s, SART’s, GMDSS VHF handhelds, VDR Beacons, Magnetrons and spares

related to Maritime Navigation and Communication Equipment can be supplied by NavCom at competitive rates.

For items not mentioned in our 2017 Consumables Price List a quote can be requested at


- Service Coordination.

Although most standard services can be arranged by the owners/ship-managers themselves, specific, mostly expensive services can

be arranged via NavCom in order to reduce cost as much as possible.

NavCom is an independent Service Provider and will select the best Services and most economic Parts available in the Market.

Other Services:

- GMDSS Drawing Approval in relation to Newbuildings and Retrofits.

This service is provided as support to Flag and Class Societies.

Drawing Approval

- Flag/Name Changes in relation to Navigation and Communication Equipment.

Name and/or Flag-changes will cause the following issues to be dealt with:

Ship Station License

Inmarsat Registrations

SSAS programming

LRIT conformance test report

Reprogramming MMSI DSC equipment

Reprogramming EPIRB

Reprogramming AIS

Reprogramming VDR

EPIRB/AIS Annual Test Report

GMDSS Record/Checklist

NavCom can provide assistance with all above items in order to achieve a smooth transition.